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Political Science
POLI 1119

Socialism  Roots in both conservatism and liberalism  Looks at the individual and what is best for them, as well as emphasize on the greater good; unite these two together  Belief that the state should be used to advance the interests of the working class  Neither liberalism and conservatism addressed the needs of the working class (they addressed the needs of the business class)  Took these individual trends and created this ideology  Use the state for the benefit of the masses  Emphasis on the betterment on society as a whole  Took awhile for this to take off o All three frameworks are coherent o Liberal reforms allowed the working class into the political system o Socialist parties were class-based parties  Modern liberalism takes some of this to electorally fend off the challenge of socialism o Socialism looks at quality of outcome; modern liberalism looks at equality of opportunity o In Canada, modern liberalism became the dominant view, as well as the rest of the world (Europe, Britain, lesser extent USA) o Social cohesion o (Modern) Conservatism has also learned about this over time  Never rejected role of tradition, heritage, hierarchy in society  Became more liberal over time  Won’t advocate direct role of monarch, apparent rights of noble person  Cautious change over time
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