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STATE What is a State? o Taken fro granted in modern world but the end result of a long historical process o Has become normalized, we don’t even think about what it means but it is important to recognize that there has been other forms of governance in the past o How did France go from a kingdom to a modern democracy? th o Became recognizable in the 19 century o Centres began consolidating power and eliminating competing sources of power within their geography  England and France; the wars of success/empire requires monarchs then governments to involved not jus the elites but also the masses (warfare, navy, army, roads, canals, mass communication, telecommunication, education systems)  Queen Elizabeth had to call government for help in war; the genesis of the modern state  Came from having a need for a centre to consolidate power; can’t have feudalism, nobles fighting each other  The authority of the centre could not be challenged from within the state Basic view of the state o “[the state is that institution which] successfully upholds a claim to the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force in the enforcement of its order … within a given territorial area” – Max Weber o Central, provincial and local government can use violence; Church and other companies cannot o The state reserves for itself the
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