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Political Science
POLI 1119

The Speaker (The Hon. Andrew Scheer, M.P.) o Acts as the referee of Parliament o Ensures Parliamentary rules, both written and unwritten, are followed o Parliament works because of the traditions in it; archaic but for a purpose o There is a logic of why parliament does not talk to each other; all conversation goes to the Speaker o This de-personalizes what they are speaking o Names are never spoken (unless you are asked to leave) o While elected as an MP, always acts impartially and can only vote in case of tie (with government) o The Speaker loses their vote o This tradition is so strong that the Speaker is rarely challenged as partisan o The Speaker’s decisions are based on precedence; holds the government to account o This role is a foundational block for our system o In Britain: Once the MP is chosen as a Speaker, they are not allowed to be affiliated with their party and in
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