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Political Science
POLI 1119

Wildrose Alliance and the reformation of Canada  - hard right party  - libertarian leader --> Danielle Smith  - Tom Flanagan was brains behind operation --> designed Harper's winning strategy  - supported by many federal conservatives in Alberta  - was on road to victory until final week of election   Wildrose Appeal  - utilized traditional rhetoric of Western Alienation  - wanted to build 'firewalls' and create an Alberta police force, Alberta pension plan etc..  - was helped by scandals plaguing traditional parties in Alberta - especially the conservatives  - hit by triple whammy during last week of election   Triple Whammy  - Bozo Eruptions - some candidate said something offensive about homosexuals, and since Smith was a liberal, she backed his right to say it  - problems with polling  - changing demographics - immigrants have different viewpoints (ie. National Energy Program is good) which changes politics   Old Alberta vs. New Alberta results:  - urban and northern Albertans reject Wildrose  - Wildrose had a strong hold in the south --> ranch country (Old Alberta) 
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