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PSYC 1115

Psych 100 March 22, 2013 Therapy Treatments  Major approaches to treatment psychotherapies: -insight therapies [psychoanalysis, humanistic-existential therapies] -group and family therapies: “structural family therapy”  the therapist involves self in family activity. Changes organization of interactions among family members. Overall, this kind of treatment is more effective than no treatment at all. They are at least as effective as individual therapy. -behavioural approaches [behaviour therapy and cognitive therapy] biomedical therapies: -drug therapies -brain stimulation -psychosurgery  Drug therapies: the basics goal to alleviate symptoms of psychological disorders by altering body functions TREATMENT, not cure assumption that altering brain chemicals can affect behavior [thoughts and ideas] examples include antipsychotic drugs, antidepressants, and antianxiety drugs  Two key neurotransmitters: dopamine and serotonin  Some psychotropic drugs and effects anti-psychotics: targeted disorder is schizophrenia [the positive effects]. Suspected effects include the blocking of dopamine receptors and blocking of serotonin receptors. Side effects include muscle tics, diabetes, and white blood cell toxicity. Efficacy? Can alleviate symptoms while on the drug. Use with life coaching skills. trade-offs: Parkinson’s disease is often treated by increasing the effect of dopamine. Hallucinations an
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