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Langara College
PSYC 1115

Psych 100 th March 6 2013 Behaviour  Both personality and the situation influence behaviour which one has greater influence depends on the strength of the situation  Social learning perspective on personality  How does personality develop? key theorist: Albert Bandura, UBC undergrad ‘49 key concept: reciprocal determinism interactions among environment, actions personality is reciprocally determined: internal cognitive factors [perceptions, thoughts, emotions behaviour external environment  External locus of control: belief that outside forces determines one’s fate internal locus of control: belief that one controls one’s own fate [second key concept in social learning]  Internal locus of control believe that you can produce change in your world, including yourself predicts problem solving, initiating and maintaining diet, exercise and smoking cessation, persistence, stress and pain  Humanistic approach to personality stress the person’s capacity to personal growth, freedom to choose a destiny and positive qualities [can be fullest self] focuses on free will: choose destruction or choose to be better social theory: everything is determined by something else Abraham Maslow’s approach focuses on trait of self-actualization. Pyramid of needs. This is at the top of the pyramid. Emphasizes people who have achieved self-actualization. It means you are creative. Focus on greater good. Feel awe. And peak experiences (if you’ve reached self-actualization). It occurs when we are continually improving and developing. He came to this through historical figures,
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