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PSYC 1115

Psych 100 th January 28 2013 Relationships, Money Proximity doesn’t have to be physical; can be consistent encounters via twitter, facebook, chats, uetc [how people fall in love online] usually begins with lots of emails increasing self-disclosure [reciprocity] Long-distance relationships work through maintenance: frequent communication, partner idealization  risk: extreme idealization and very infrequent face-to-face contact may cause relationship disruption or break-up Social relationships, helping others, gratitude and exercise make people happy  Within wealthy countries, money doesn’t buy happiness almost no effect after reaching median income what you do with that money has an effect on happiness Study of whether or not money can buy happiness IV #1: cash windfall. $5, $20 IV #2: spending instructions. Either personal (bill, expense, or self-gift) or prosocial (gift for someone else) DV: how happy they were at the end of the day overall picture: spending money on other people in any way, either amount, makes people happier than spending the money on yourself Buy more experiences like a vacation, fewer material godyou’re happier Buy more small pleasures rather than fewer large ones Pay now, enjoy later like paying for a plane ticket now for a trip later. Experiences savoured, anticipation grows  all lead to increased happiness “if money isn’t making you happy, you’re not spending it right”  Errors people make when predicting happiness overestimate emotional impact -professor’s tenure -sports fans win/lose -voters win/lose/ w
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