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Langara College
PSYC 1115

February 6 2013 Impacts on a person’s response to Life Events  Nursing home study: “well will make you happy” vs. “emphasis on choice” those in the choice condition, on average, lived longer, felt happier over time, and were more alert  Perceived control impacts a person’s response to life events having – or even just perceiving – choice …  Expecting control in stressful situations reduces autonomic stress response: shock study truth, nobody had control IV: half told they have control over shock duration; half told they do not have control lower sympathetic nervous system response to shock if perceived control  Application: recognize when you have control; it’s often okay to believe we have more control than reality  Break down stressor into controllable parts  Be careful when choosing for others  Social support is vital to well-being in humans tend-and-befriend: tend to offspring, affiliate with others the best reaction is to be around someone; from doing this we get protection and support oxytocin release  What is it about social support that helps us be well? decrease in heart rate emotional support; helps identify own feelings offer reassurance to deal with problems prevent depression [openness] unity  Social faci
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