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PSYC 1115

Sexual Motivations and Dysfunctions, MOTIVATIONS IN SEX: • there are differences in motivation according to evolutionary theory • desire for sex is necessary for survival (procreation) • primary look at hormones (DHEA) • testosterone may be rooted of sexual desire for both men and women • Masters and Johnson recorded data in humans during sex; 4 general phases: 1) Excitment--heart rate increases 2) Plateau--breathing and pulse rate increase 3) Orgasm--muscle tension and blood pressure reach peak, followed by climax 4) Resolution--back to normal • sex drive in women is stimulated by androgens • sex hormones are small molecules that cross the blood-brain barrier to act on many regions of brain • estrogen and testosterone masculinizes the brain; but women don't get it because female are protected against their own estrogen -masculinization occurs in hypothalamus • ambiguous genitalia- when their private parts are abnormally shaped like the opposite--they're now called to be intersex(hermaphrdite) • how men and women interact with the opposite sex is designed to maximize out chance of survival and reproductive success • Alfred Kinsley's theory states that sexual orientation is changeable, and regardless of current orientation, we have both heterosexual and homosexual ratios---has not been supported • sexual orientation has a biological basis; influences of genes, hormones, and anatomical brain differences: Genes: sexual orientation tends to run in the families; seperated twins have identical sexual orientations Hormones: homo males may experience different hormone levels before birth, leading to their sexual orientation; with every older brother, the likelihood of homo increases Brain anatomy: hypothalamus is twice as big in heterosexual men than women and homosexual men; this region has similar size in women and homo men SEXUAL DYSFUNCTIONS: • sexual dysfunctions: disorder where people
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