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PSYC 1115

Hunger, Affliction and Achievement Motivations MOTIVATIONS IN HUNGER: • leptin: protein that is important for regulating the amount of food we eat -released from fat cells and when brain sense high levels of leptin, it send signals to inhibit us from eating • hypothalamus is key mediator of eating lateral hypothalamus(LH): important for hunger; prevents us from under-eating ventromedial region of the hypothalamus(VMH): vital role in satiety; prevents us from over-eating • researchers say we each have an individual body weight set point: even through major changes, as adults, we typically return to the original set point -but how much we eat is not determined only by this theory • how much we eat is affected my cultural, biological, social and psychological differences • obesity can be caused by genetics, due to inheriting a abnormally larger amount of fat cells, lower metabolic rate, or abnormal leptin • Anerexia nervosa: ones that are afraid of being overweight leading to extreme dieting--could lead to death • Bulimia nervosa: disorder where one consumes excessive calories then go to extremes to prevent those calories from weight gain--they typically make themselves barf--most dont look underweight..may even look overweight--less dangerous--often contribute to depression MOTIVATION FOR AFFLICTION & ACHIEVEMENT: Affliction: • Affliction: a need to form attachments to other people for support, guidance & protection; motivation to
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