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Lecture 1

PSYC 1215 Lecture 1: Psychology Intro - Realms of Growth

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PSYC 1215
Dan Nykon

Week 1 Developmental psychology Realms of Growth a)Physical b)Cognitive c)Psycho-social d)Moral Qn: What is it? Why is it? *insert pic of robotic looking decapitated thing What? —-> Body suit Why? —-> people with deformities We are more comfortable with people who are like us, who look like us. (heaps of different ways to look at this) a)Physical abilities -‘self-shaping’process determined by genetic factors (innate mechanisms control development) Is that it? -non-genetic, environmental factors effects: -diet, disease, alcohol/drug use can disrupt ‘self-shaping’ e.g. Thalidomide : 2 weeks-3 months after conception most impact Look at the relationship between innate and environmental -Sometimes innate < environment -Not nature or nurture, but nature and nurture When self-shaping goes well: operation of several reflexes (among other things): -grasping, rooting, sucking - (involuntary responses) is intact and operational However - poor muscle development / control; weak visual activity (8-12 inches) / object tracking - very sensitive to auditory stimulation/small range of taste detection (sweet/bitter) -BUT by 3-4months…before sensory systems are operating effectively -reflexes beginning to become less importa
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