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Lecture 6

PSYC 1215 Lecture 6: Psychology - Personality

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PSYC 1215
Dan Nykon

Week 6 When you meet someone: Who are you? You learn they are kind, generous, and thoughtful. This person will also be trustworthy, sincere, helpful, selfless, polite, intelligent, empathetic, optimistic, honest, benevolent. Minus intelligent. How could you dare do that? How can you go from 3 bits of information to 9? Why was it easy? Why is intelligence the weaker link? Personality (Ch.14) Definition: a perceived pattern in behaviour, emotional expression, thinking/decision making interpreted as: qualities (traits) that are enduring and exist in some coherent (sensible or meaningful) organisation -we all have (and use) informal personality theories (definition: “intuitive”, systematically structured set of concepts used to make sense of individual differences) -Daniel Kahneman on intuition as associative coherence: (definition: how an idea “resonates,” “feels right” or just “makes sense” b/c it has come to remind us of something we’re familiar with: poorly articulated recognition) Contemporary Formal Theories of Personality 2 GeneralApproaches to thinking about personalities 1. Qualities (traits) and this interrelationships 2. development and operational processes / structures 1. Qualities (traits and this interrelationships -McCrae / Johns / Wiggins (1980’s-90’s) - Five Factors (or Big
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