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Lecture 14

SOCI 1121 Lecture 14: Aboriginal Issues 4

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SOCI 1121
Sandra Ens

Week 4 nonstandard employment = seasonal (fishery, forestry, mining) Twassen has brought unemployment numbers down Demographic Tsunami Calvin Helin (The dances with dependency) 1.Aboriginal youth and ed. rates boomers it is extremely difficult to get money for beingAboriginal People have the perception that it is simple, they get money. Why do we give a crap about statistics that tell usAboriginal students are not going beyond a diploma 1 in 3 Canadians are 50 or older The baby boomers grew up and will all have GIC and CPP and have medical expenses all at the same time As well,Aboriginals are underfunded and need more support and encouragement to get an education We need to address the fact that theAboriginal youth are not graduating, going to college, getting high jobs education and occupation is a problem that needs to be addressed we need them to not be unemployed or homelessness. The money is not going where it needs to go Stumpage fees the government gets millions for each license and each tree that gets cut down The government stalls, so the foresters have time to get all of the trees, then when theyre done, they will give it to theAboriginal people with no trees. Nisgaa treaty
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