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Lecture 15

SOCI 1121 Lecture 15: Aboriginal Issues 5

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SOCI 1121
Sandra Ens

Week 5 Nisgaa Treaty Nepotism, transparency, and politicised service delivery Positives government trust No one has putAboriginal people in the parliament We need to fix everything before we can give full self governments, such as education, homelessness, starvation (IndigenousAct) Would they ever be able to find ONE person to govern over everyAboriginal Alan McEachern This land is not your land. The crown can do whatever it dam well pleases. trial took 4 years the postponing of this trial was strategic McEachern assessed theAboriginal people based off Europeans They dont have the wheelAboriginal people used Canoes. They dont have a written language Effective passing of language throughout the potlatch, orally. They dont domesticate animals What kind of animals would they domesticate?! Alan never let anthropologists, only historians and linguists Never let any oral evidence fromAboriginal people If its not written down, its not evidence Appealed. BOOM ROASTED MCEACHERN The Supreme Court of Canada also sent out a very clear message that theAboriginal people are here to stay. Delgamuukw We arent going anywhere. Kneel and bop at UBC no longer bc of theAboriginal students! Supreme Court of Canada = Canada wide
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