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Lecture 6

SOCI 1121 Lecture 6: Gender Inequality 3

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Langara College
SOCI 1121
Sandra Ens

Lecture 3 When a woman comes out with a lingerie line for plus size women, she will get attention because it is not a social norm Hegemonic masculinity a concept popularised by sociologist R.W. Connell of proposed practices that promote the dominant social position of men, and the subordinate social position of women Ideal man bandwagoning not just men putting this pressure on themselves, but women too The opposite of how we construct femininity Men as servers cant have a bad day or stare that with coworkers Emphasised femininity Bakers are sweet like women, chefs are tough like men. Then why do we have this idea of men not being allowed in the kitchen? Patriarchy Asystem of society or govt in which the father is the head of the family and descent is traced through the male line. Pride and prejudice does well to show what the role of a woman was. (get married to a wealthy man, make babies) Supportive of her man, more and more women are becoming managers in the restaurant industry not just women putting this pressure on themselves, but men too Afashion designer designed clothing for disabled women, but couldnt find enough disabled models, so she used nondisabled people in wheelchairs. Very controversial. However, at least she saw a need for disabled clothing. We need to stop putting people in boxes It is individual, not gender specific. Nothing is gender specific (?) Fashion designers are thought of as women, HOWEVER most are men. High heels put you in a place of needing protection. You cant do anything, not practical. They emphasise the butt and boobs. Helpless Dependant Weak WHY? Sexy, get attentions men, height = power to do anything, cultural normwear a dress and heals on a date or to a wedding, enduring form of femininity, power purse, power pump, power suit Were starting to see more positivity (especially body) for women Dove, in the modelling industry the women cannot walk if they are below a certain weight Trump vs Hillary Hillary has to prove herself, but Trump just has to make himself sound not that bad Women in leadership have so much more to prove simply because shes a woman. The happy bachelor, the sad and lonely spinster. Men dont want to get married ball and chain It is disturbing how much we hate our bodies. Men get surgeries to add muscle (abs, biceps, calves) Women get surgeries to suck out fat or move it to somewhere more desirable Men use steroids to help build muscle, but it ends up destroying them later in life Why are women supposed to date older, taller, wiser men? Maturity securityestablished Provide and protect women Does this norm still exist? Yes. Financial independence, could be seen as a cougar, the woman is strong and powerful so you need your husband to be there too
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