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Lecture 7

SOCI 1121 Lecture 7: Gender Inequality 4

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SOCI 1121
Sandra Ens

Lecture 4 Why dont women want to date younger men? We are conditioned to think that it is not right for women to date a male younger than you Race? Why dont women want to date shorter males? If hes shorter, he cant protect me We denote height with strength and power We feel judged by people I cant wear heals We connect height with power and competency Bending down to kiss thats it! ANGRY SHORT MEN British show Prince charming, but tall Hell be a great friend Women are supposed to be smaller than men, if they are bigger she is seen as the one who wears the pants Cougars women who are financially stable and have a secure job and such, are free to date whoever they want, they are free to date younger men assumed sexual, not for money HOWEVER looking at a sugar daddy women are judged for being there for his money, but the guy just wants her for sex, but either way, she is judged just wants him for his money Men why do men want younger women? Fertility (womens eggs have an expiry date, mens sperm does not) Status trophy wife Power Younger women are more teachable She might have a job or career different stages of life Why do men date shorter women? Its just weird If they wear heals, then its game over Photos Judgment Taller girls have bigger attitudes Short man syndrome Why do men date women of equal or lesser intelligence? power teachable women less threatening men feel like they wont level up Things will change when this generation begins to have babies Will be a giant mishmash Dads are telling their children (girls) that they need to be smarter than their man, women can now freeze their eggs, so age isnt a problem, and so many things are progressing that it will be very different Tinder does research on the people that use the website Found that women liked men older or their own age Found men liked women in their 20s Flowers because their pretty and then they die
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