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Langara College
SOCI 1121

Sociology SocioBiology & Gender - Thesis of Social Darwinism -> K.T.? ->CD - Claims about: Aggression/Prom./Teamwork - Evidence via Animal research - Critical review Functionalism & Gender - Emphasis on learning (not biology) - Different sexes assigned Different roles *for society* - Agents of socialization -> P.A & S.A (ideal link between them for society) [institution & individuals] Content of Gender Scripts Ex. 1) Babies 2) Rooms 3) Independence 4) Competence Coping 2) Monitoring Strategies Gender Roles: abnormal Masc Fem Script: inappropriate bad ‘right’ ‘normal’ ‘good’ tomboy sissy wrong ‘appropriate’ (+) Reinforcement (-) Reinforcement 2 monitoring strategies Ex1: sissies / tomboys (mackie) How is “deviance” from expected gender behavior explained? - Faulty socialization Advantages over sociobiological theory 1) Cultural differences 2) Reform (change) Limitations of functionalist/socialization theory? 1) Implies consensus 2) Assumes consistency (between+within) 3) Insufficient evidence for ‘faulty socialization’ 4) Awareness/internalization not the same Social Conflict Theory on Gender: Distinction from Functionalist Theory Basis of Social Conflict Theory on Gender a) History of Marx and Engels b) Focus on their interests Dimensions of Gender Stratification (hierarchy’s where we can see arrows going up/down)  Unequal ranking of men and women in a society  Gender inequality (not just different) A) Power – the capacity to impose ones will on others despite resistance B) Wealth – Inheritance C) Prestige (status) – respect. Honor, deference } of a social role Resources = Wealth + work related (labour force) earnings Sources of Gender Stratification? Early Hunt
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