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SOCI 1121

Sociology February 8, 2013 Definitions you need to know Prejudice  (attitudes) a rigid and irrational generalization about an entire category of people Discrimination  (action) Unequal treatment of various categories of people Racism  (attitudes) the belief that one racial category is innately superior to another (or others) Racial Discrimination  a combination of racism + discrimination Socio-Biological Theory of Race: Race as a Biological Construct What is race (according to this perspective)? Racial classifications are based on physical differences  these physical differences are seen to represent underlying genetic differences. (this is an assumption)  color  eye shape  hair texture  body shape A) Race = physical/genetic differences B) Race = character/ behavior differences Assumption: a causes b  also a theory of biological determinism Where did this perspective come from?  we must travel back in time, prior to the area of sociology Roots: th 16 century - rare (first appeared in a poem by William Dunbar in 1508) 17 century - groups (the term “race” appears as a technical term  classification system  groups/people/stock) 18 Century - evaluation/judgement (groups that are seen to be “strange to the Europian eye”) (the “other” groups “other than Eur
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