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Caste societies, Meritocracy, Racial profiling, Immigrants and Labour Market.docx

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Langara College
SOCI 1127

Caste societies, Meritocracy, Racial profiling, Immigrants and Labour Market Caste societies Ascriptive stratification systems where one is born into a class, or caste, that one cannot leave Eg India with four main castes Brahmins - priests Kshatriya - warriors Vaishya - merchants Shudya - artisans and farmers India also has a large grouo that is "below" the caste system: the Harijan,mince known as "untouchables" Meritocracy A society where one's "merits" allows one to rise or fall in the class system A society of equal opportunity Racialization: the social construction and reconstruction of racial and ethnic categories Racism: prejudice--> prejudge plus power--> inequality between groups Eg/ when an employer discriminates based of race/ethnicity Eg/ landlord discriminates against potential tenants Racial profiling Islamphobia History of "race thinking" Colonialism Need for domination leads to new categories Slavery Eugenics A "pseudo" science Crows our of boom in biological science in 19th century Science of racial categorization Basis of nazi ideology in 1930s Ethnic inequality and the Canadian labour market Porter: Canada as vertical mosaic - hierarchy Canada= vertical mosaic vs US=melting pot Society in which ethnic groups tend to copy different and unequal position in stratification system Tw "charter groups" -- Englis
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