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Concepts and Contributions, Society as Process Concepts and Contributions: An attempt to reject the organic theories of Spencer and Comte Sociology not the science of everything human- limited to human interaction= “sociology must be an invisible world of symbols and forms of interactions” He believed all human behavior is individual behavior but much of it can be explained in terms of the individual’s group affiliation and in terms of constraints put on him by particular forms of interactions; human life is an going drama between the individual struggling for self recognition and group membership; Society as a process Social life is a complex maze of events on which individuals attempt to impose order – led Simmel to focus more on form of interaction than on content; Also allows us to recognize that formal structures that make up sociology: The Family, The State, The Economy, are only extended versions of the everyday interactions of men and women; Contents are seen as drives, interests, purposes… Forms give the interaction structural stability; The importance of Social Interaction According to Simmel there were types of interactions: The stranger, the poor, The stranger Characterized by distance- cannot be to close or too far; The poor A relative type- emerges only when society assigns them a special status and arranges for others to assist them; Once the poor
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