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SOCI 1127

What is sociology? Study of society Social structures, ie: family,laws,economy, education Constant change No single sociological theory of method One commonality: " the sociological imagination" C.Wright Mills Sociological imagination = quality of mind Draws on both "arts" (creativity, intuition) and "sciences" (logic, system analysis) Bridge between individual and society, biography and history Micro small group/community (family) vs macro broad element that shape our individual (economy) Central question: who wins and who loses? (given the situation that exists) Canada and Chinese immigrants - chinese won b/c start of new life, Canada won b/c boost in economy Cars- time, flexibility, efficiency, poor transit operation vs bus- environmental reasons, cost, don't have car Social structure Size of commuting population Construction Transit costs/revenue Transit planning decisions Eg modes - skytrain,bus, seabus Funds Landowners and developers win Commuters lose - time and money energy Public- environmental effects and costs, green house gasses, increase in asthma Description (by a doctor) leads to prescription (of medicine) Three revolutions that shaped sociology Scientific revolution -16th/17th century Newton: gravity, laws of motion, calculus Nature is governed by underlying laws Scientific message Democratic revolution French revolution 1789 American revolution 17
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