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SOCI 1127

Family Importance of Family -Families are primarily responsible for: 1. Reproduction and care of children. 2. Establishment of individual’s social identity, social roles, and social status. 3. Source of intimacy and need fulfillment. 6 basic needs (Weiss 1969) -need for intimacy – someone to share how your day was, sharing love, -need for social integration -need for being nurturant -need for assistance -need for reassurance for one’s own worth -the obtaining of guidance Legal definitions – Family -Family: no legal definition – usually includes the presence of children in the household (past or current) -Government regulations determine ‘family’ for such services as medical and family benefits. -Common law spouses, single parents with one child, and same-sex couples are all considered families under various laws and legal definitions. Inclusive definitions -emphasize ‘familistic feelings’ when including people in a definition -examples: Hanson and Lynch (1992, p.285) “A family is considered to be any unit that defines itself as a family including individuals who are related by blood or marriage as well as those who have made a commitment to share their lives” Bould (1993, p.138) “A family is the informal unit where those who cannot take care of themselves can find care in the time of need” Normative definitions-family -define what families are/are not -include the structure of the unit (at least 1 parent and 1 child) -include the responsibility to provide nurturant care for children Example -“f
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