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Lecture 3

ARCL-1006EL Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Chin, Zygosity, Phenotype

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Alice Hawkins

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ARCL 1006
January, 17, 2018
Recap of Mendel’s peas experiment
Mendel’s conclusions
That both parents contribute “unit factors” or what we would call GENES to the off-spring
When the genes are different only one is expressed (excluding co-dominant)
When gametes (sex cells) are formed, paired genes separate randomly so each sex cell
receives one or the other gene with equal likelihood
Phenotype: the observable physical appearance of the organism
Gene: chemical unit of heredity
Allele: alternate forms of a gene
Genotype: the total complement of inherited genes of an organism
Homozygous: individual carries the same allele for a specific gene
Heterozygous: individual carries different alleles for a specific gene
Dominant gene: expressed allele
Recessive gene: unexpressed allele
Co-dominiant: both alleles expressed
Alleles and Dominance in human blood groups
Alleles: A, B, O
Dominant: A & B (co-dominant)
Recessive: O
Phenotypes and Genotypes
person with blood type A has what possible genotypes?
Parents with blood types A and B would have offspring that might have what blood types?
A,B,O or AB
Mendelian Traits
Coded by a single gene:
cleft chin
cheek dimples
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