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Lecture 3

BIOL-1507EL Lecture 3: Reproduction and Seeds in Angiosperm

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Nasserulla Sabah

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Lecture 3 Development of female gametophyte (mega-sporogensis) - In each ovule of the ovary, there is the mega-sporocyst or mega-spore mother cell, undergoes meiosis, producing 4 haploid mega-spore - In most species three of these disintegrate, leaving one, known as functional mega- spore - The functional mega-spore nucleus divides mitotically three times, until there are 8 haploid nuclei - This the female gametophyte and is called the embryo sac - The embryo sac is surrounded by the integument a part from the mircophyte - The 8 haploid nuclei arrange themselves in the embryo sac as follows After fertilization Endosperm nuclei  endosperm Zygote  embryo Integument  seed coat Essay info Pollination: is simply the transfer of pollen from the another(anther?) to the stigma - Pollination is brought about by the wind, water and mostly in flowering plants by animals such as insects, birds, etc.. Self compatibility / self incompatibility - Some flowers such as garden peas, are able to self fertilize, this process is called ‘selfing’ and the flower is known as self compatible - The most plants favor cross fertilization, these known as self incompatible  this could be due to morphological or genetical factors Fertilization - The pollen grains land on the stigma, germinating forming the pollen tube - The germinated pollen tube and the two sperm nuclei, is the mature male gametophyte - Pollen tube grows as it passes the style to reach microphyte  now double fertilization occurs - One sperm unite with the egg, forming the zygote  embryo - The other sperm migrate and unite with the two polar nuclei, forming 3n endosperm nucleus Reproduction and life cycle of angiosperms (flowering plants) Development of the embryo
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