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Lecture 6

BIOL-1507EL Lecture 6: Growth in Plants

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Nasserulla Sabah

Lecture 6 Pg 836 - Growth The plant body had a hierarchy of organs, tissues and cells - plants like multicellular animals - have organs composed of different tissues and these tissues are composed of cells - a tissue is a group of cells with common function, structure or both - an organ consists of several types of tissues that together carry out a particular function The basic morphology of of vascular plants organised into a root system and a shoot system (stems and leaves) Roots: tap root system: occurs in most dicot and gymnosperm plants and consisting of one main vertical root (taproot), that develop from the embryonic root  the taproot give rise to many lateral roots Fibrous root system: a mat of generally thin roots spreading out below the soil, with no root standing out as the main one, this type of root system is common in monocotyledons (grasses) Fibrous root systems also called adventitious; because they are arising from the stem Other root type: modification - prop roots: these roots emerge from the stem node to support tall, top heavy plant Ex: maize (corn) - storage roots: root store food, and water as in sweet potatoes and carrots - buttress roots: aerial roots that looks like buttresses to support the tall trunk of some tropical tree (Ex: ceiba tree in central America) - pneumatophores roots: also known as air roots, are produced by mangrover that inhabit tidal swamps by projecting above the surface to obtain oxygen The plant body has a hierarchy of organs, tissues and cells The roots: Stem: a stem is and organ consisting of an alternating system of n
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