ANCS-1007EL Lecture 4: Chapter 2 (2)

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ANCS 1007 January 19th Chapter 2 Roman history Social War (9188 BC) Italians wanted to be Roman citizens and not just allies since they fought for the Romans but did not receive the benefits of being a citizen (no taxes voting rights). Civil war broke out, but since the Italians were a large part of the Roman army, they started making deals over 4 years until they agreed to give citizenship to anyone who asked. So they were now all Romans but the very recent killing each other thing made tensions high. This raised the question who is Roman since the old Italians werent even living in Rome. Citizens more than doubled, culture changed and the power of politicians (plebeian vs rich) shifts Leaders (Memorizing these werent a high priority, but their effects on Rome are) Gaius Marius Consul from 107100 BC Removed the land ownership prerequisite for the army People can now stay in active duty year round, instead of leaving to farm, and more professional soldiers can be made As they get more money, the soldiers eventually want land and their generals can give it to them so loyalty shifts Sulla Consul 81 Started as a physician Served under Marius Officer in the social war Marius got command of the war against Mirthinates but Sulla wanted it, so with the shifted loyalty from his soldiers, he marched an army into Rome and demanded the position While Sulla was gone, Marius took over, civil war happened, Marius dies of old age Sulla becomes dictator and removes the power from the people (80) Retired, satisfied with his new rules Magnus (Pompey the Great) Consul 52 Created a private army and supported Sulla under certain conditions He stayed loyal until he wanted a triumph, despite the laws passed by Sulla which prevented that He got one anyway
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