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Lecture 1

ENGL-102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Secondary Source, Andrew Nikiforuk, Mark Kingwell

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Asma Sayed

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CWR pg 462 - 470 2016-09-29 6:24:00 PM
Posted on blackboard to start critical essay 3 essays to write about
Written according to MLA format
MLA Modern Language Association’s system of citation
Works Cited in centre
Analysis essay:
Analysis looks at how a text makes a point
Makes its own argument about a text write an essay with your
own argument about the article
Pg 82-83
How to construct a reasonable argument
Agree or disagree (they say, I say)
Research learn more about your subject
o Not required for this essay but it is recommended if you need
more information on the subject
Think about the opposing arguments
o Planting a “nay sayer”
o “one could argue…”
o Stand your ground and acknowledge that other arguments
are going to be there
Write your thesis find a supporting argument
o Author & your own thesis need to be in the first paragraph
Should also have 3-4 sentence summary of the article
you are writing about.
o Summary, Authors thesis, Critique article, THEN your thesis
Write the first paragraph then get it double checked
Where is the evidence
Provide facts, statistics, examples, expert opinions document your
Writing Process
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find more resources at

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Explore your subject
Talk and listen to others & with yourself
Reading and annotate text hightlight, take notes, ask questions in
Listing & brainstorm
Clustering relationship among ideas write the subject in the
centre draw and interweb related ideas.
Free writing
o Continuous writing with no breaks write everything and
anything that comes to mind.
o What ever you are interested in and already know is what
wont come out in free writing cause you already know it
Who what where why how and when
Nov 3, 2016
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find more resources at

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

Intellectuals and Democracy 2016-09-29 6:24:00 PM
What does the tittle of the essay suggest?
Too board of a title, could be more informative or more interesting
You feel the author would raise questions about the two but instead
hes arguing we should be informed intellectuals
Doesn’t provide enough information about the argument
Broader and more informed title would do more justice for the
In comparison to the last article we read which had a very strong
standpoint of what the article was going to be about.
Should be more informative
Be creative with your title, should be short and look nice as
When was the essay written? Current?
Written in May 2011
Debate about democracy isn’t out of place yet, we are still debating
educational systems
Expensive tuition & profs being exploited for their research is still a
current issue for a capitalist system which doesn’t allow for
education to be accessible for all.
If its not accessible it becomes a matter of class.
Why was it written? Intended to inform, explain, persuade?
Persuade using humour & emotional approach
Not a strong evidenced based essay, not trying to inform
Connection between education & democracy.
In an inormative essay we see lack of emotion, but with this we see
more of a connection to our emotions
A philosophical argument is presented in the essay
We need to value our existence rather then value what we possess
High stress of the word “value”
Who is the intended audience:
Published on academic
Target would be academics like students or faculty
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