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Lecture 2

MUSC 100 Lecture 2: May 3rd 2017

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MacEwan University
MUSC 100
Roxanne Classen

May 3 2017 Study definitions for fundamentals test S Pitch O Dynamics U Tone Color N D Murray Schaefer Environmental listening ear cleaning Notice every sound in your environment exercise Typing Bracelet hitting table Air conditioner Bag shuffling Drinking through straw Pencil writing Coughing Cupping hitting the table Mind masking: Information comes to us but our mind filters it out Discuss sound environment on fundamentals test How we hear ))))))): Passive listening is a mechanical process o A source of motion moves air particles through space o Particles collect into repeating patterns of thin and thick density (waves or cycles) o These waves of particles travel through space at 1000 feet per second o The ear drum is activated by these moving particles and vibrates at the same number of cycles per second (CPS) o The vibrations of the ear The brain receives the electrical impulses and becomes psychologically active o We perceive sound o Understand the meaning o Interpret and respond Frequency Rate that a wave of particles travel through space Cycles per second (CPS) Human beings can hear between 2020,000 CPS
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