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Lecture 12

PSYC 281 Lecture 12: Chapter 12 Lecture

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PSYC 281
Russell Powell

- Adjunctive behaviour (schedule-induced behaviour) - Is the kind of behaviour that doesn’t quite fit in either classical or operant behaviours, but somewhere in between - Behaviours that emerge as side effects or by products of intermittent reinforcement schedules or some other behaviour - Behaviour X → SR - Behaviour Y → not reinforced, but behaviour also increases - Schedule induced polydipsia - Polydipsia refers to excessive drinking (not necessarily alcohol) - Can be induced by schedules of reinforcement - FI or FT 3min with a food pellet reinforcer - About every 3 mins, they get a food pellet; there is a 3 min wait between each food pellet. Postreinforcement pause, will take a drink - Overtime, will see a rigid behaviour pattern of taking a drink after the food pellet - Give more time, drinking will become excessive - Rats don’t prefer alcohol, but can be done by doing this experiment and then switching the water for alcohol - Can also switch the water bottle for an air tube and the rats will lick at the air tube to get the sensory stimulation, or excessively eat the wood shavings from their enclosures - Can also get aggression from a similar schedule; if there is nothing else to do while waiting for the next reinforcer, will attack if there is another pigeon in the enclosure with them, or even a picture of a pigeon - Can this occur in humans? Can see similar patterns when in experimental conditions, but not in extremes like with the animals. So can this happen outside of experimental conditions in the real world? - Students can work for long periods of time, but have coffees, teas, cigarettes, etc - Can also get schedule induced wheel running: the rat will get the reinforcer, and
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