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Lecture 6

SOCI-225 Lecture 6: Counting Crimes

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Counting Crimes.
Statistics of Crime, Controversies and Measurements
Coverage: The obtaining of data (and by what means and from whom)
Reliability: Consistency of the recordings and testimonies
Validity: Proper Measurement of such a rate must be uniform and proper in nature.
Methodology: Methods used to examine said statistics.
Controversies Over Counting Crimes
Crime Rate
Measures the level of crime in a society based on police, and law enforcement related studies.
Calculated by dividing the amount of crime by population size and multiplying by 100,000.
There are doubts regarding the validity of these very statistics derived from police records.
In general, police-recorded crime rates are a vast under-estimate of the actual level of crime.
Criminologists have developed theories revolving around conduct and other forms of research
techniques that may not be entirely accurate and/or valid.
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