BIOL 112 Lecture Notes - Electronegativity, Zirconium, Covalent Bond

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17 Apr 2012
Small Molecules: Chemical Bonds
All living things are made up of, generally 6, compounds (in yellow).
Postassium (K) and Sodium (Na) are key as ions in the body.
The rest are key as protein cofactors. Occur in tiny amounts in cells.
Nucleus has protons and neutrons
Electrons around it.
Equal numbers of protons and electrons
Atomic weight is number of protons and neutrons added together. Often referred
to as Daltons (D). The mass is a relative atomic mass, averaged out between the
Atomic number is number of protons, which defined identity of an element.
Isotopes have equal number of protons, but different number of neutrons. The
same chemical properties but are often unstable. Radioactive.
Eg. Can be used as tracers in medicine
14C is used in carbon-dating.
Connecting atoms together, to create molecules, electrons take priorities.
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