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Lecture 1

BIOL 115 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Internal Validity, Standard Deviation, Falsifiability

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BIOL 115
Sarah Woolley

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September 5th
Textbook is mandatory, but 4th edition is okay (5th is preferable)
Textbook is an additional supplement for Woolley’s lectures
We are not tested on something that is from the textbook if it is not
also covered in the lecture
We can be tested on things that are in the lecture but not in the
textbook, so in general we should just focus on the lecture notes for
Woolley’s material
This is not necessarily the case for Vogel’s lectures
Exams are multiple choice
Midterms are not cumulative
Final is focused on the last third of the course but will cover the whole semester
Written assignments are not meant to be hard or to take a long time to finish
They are a way to learn about current events in biology
They are also a way to bring our grade up
Assignment 1
Read an article about science
Figure out if what they are saying is legitimate
Who did they interview?
What are their sources?
Is there an institute that the authors are associated with?
Assignment 2
Find and article related to something we talked about and describe it in your own
Assignment 3
Find a movie or a television show that contains biology in it
Profs are flexible about what those shows are
Preferably choose something that we have discussed in class
Restriction: nothing from a year that ends in a 7 or ends in a 2
Restrictions will be posted online closer to the due date of the assignment
Reference and citation for assignments can be done in any way we want (MLA, APA,
Vocal learning
Only a few species learn vocal sounds
We are born not knowing sounds and we learn to produce them through exposure
by other adults
Other species that do this are songbirds, dolphins, whales, etc.
Woolley’s research focuses on vocal learning in songbirds
find more resources at
find more resources at
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