BIOL 210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Active Ingredient, Traditional Asian Medicine, Rizatriptan

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8 Jun 2018
Lecture 5
In the US there is pressure from christian groups to teach theories other than evolution
o Scopes trial
o Creationism: the bible says the world was created in 6 days, creation is
responsible for everything we have
Fine if taught as religion, not fine if taught as science
o To avoid a certain religion from dominating, the US separated religion and state
o No religion can come into public school and say this is the truth
Creationists were thrown out of the curriculum
o Creationists moved on to intelligent design: they don’t think the theory of
evolution/natural selection is sufficient to create life and diversity, God brought
this to earth
Described as science
Pokes holes in evolution
We don’t know how things that were there learned to replicate (life)
Miller experiment: when you have macromolecules and submit to
high temperatures, storms, lightning, the macromolecules grow and
this may be at the origin of life
We can’t explain everything in evolution
The tree of life implies a single ancestry
Evidence: taxonomy and phenotypes (Linneus), fossils (rocks in
the ground used to be living organisms), carbon dating fits neatly
with Linneus’ tree
DNA says there is a similarity that points to a single trunk/ancestor
Creationism is based on the holes in scientific theory→ does this mean it
itself is science?
NO→ don’t teach the controversy, you can’t create science from
the holes in actual science, there is no evidence for intelligent
design, all it is based on is the holes in its alternative
o Baraminology: pseudoscience that attempts to use the tools of evolutionary theory
to back up creationism, mimics the methods of science
Baramin→ word for categories god created, the types of animals who
went on the flood
Everything that exists is created by god, some of them no longer exist,
there is branching from some of the baramins
Several ancestors, or baramins, not 1 for all living things
Creationism thinks everything that exists is created by god, some
of those things don’t exist anymore, but no branching
Accepts the idea that the baramins may have evolved
Leads people to believe there is scientific evidence for a creation-based
theory even though there isn’t
We don’t have fossils of everything, but the missing link isn’t basis for
this pseudoscience
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