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Lecture 16

BIOL 215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Intraspecific Competition, Interspecific Competition, Logistic Function

Biology (Sci)
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BIOL 215
Neil Price

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BIOL215 Lecture 16 Notes
In general, Lotka and Volerra predicts coexistence of two species when, for both species, interspecific
competition is weaker than intraspecific competition
Lotka-Voltera provided a mathematical model based on the logistic equation:
Logistic equations for species 1 and 2:
Intraspecific (within species) competition is represented by K-N/K
The assumption is that resources diminish as N increases because of intraspecific competition
Obviously resources will also decrease with interspecific (between species) competition. Lotka-Voltera
Where a (alpha) and b (beta) are competition coefficients
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