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Lecture 2

BIOL 215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Magnetite, Allan Hills 84001, Infrared Spectroscopy

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BIOL 215
Neil Price

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BIOL 215 - Week 1
The Origins of Earth and Life (Ch. 2,3,4)
Big Bang Theory
-Between 10-15 bya
-Quarks form protons and neutrons
-Expansion , formation of protostars
-Protostars burn and produce heavier elements such as Iron
-Protostar explodes as supernova and forms our solar system about 4.6 bya
-Sun is created which is essential to the beginning of life
-Planets solidify:
Earth is in a perfect location orbiting around the sun where its not too cold nor too
Oxygen also allows formation of ozone layer
-Earth was originally molten; mostly made up of iron, magnesium, silicon, and oxygen.
-Oldest rocks formed around 4.28 bya
-Earth only cooled (formed crust) around 4.2-4.1 bya
Magma crystallization—> igneous rocks erosion—> sediments litrification—>
Sedimentary rocks
Both igneous rocks and sedimentary rocks metamorphosis—>metamorphic rocks which
can melt back into magma
-Can calculate how old minerals are (ie. date of birth of stars and earth) using the
radioactive decay of uranium into lead and its half life with how much lead is present or
uranium is remaining.
Sedimentary Rocks
-Oldest at the bottom
-Strata identified by fossils it contains
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