CHEM 181 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: The China Study, Pomegranate Juice, Paleolithic Diet

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CHEM 181 Full Course Notes
CHEM 181 Full Course Notes
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Omnivore"s dilemma -> eat food, not too much, mostly plants . Food is important for our health : we are constructed of what we eat (and what we read !) Food is the only raw material that goes into our body. Science is all about making observations and coming to conclusions => the of ce for science and society at mcgill tries to demystify science. Was developed because some people thought that because of pollution, there a lower oxygen content in the air => that"s not true ! Chemical, when heated releases nitrogen gas (no toxic issue) Some people can think that this is toxic, because it can also be used to make yoga mats (foam plastic -> plastic that has some gas embedded to make bubble) It is completely absurd => some people think that any chemical they can"t spell or pronounce shouldn"t be eaten but the toxicity of a compound is not determined by its name !