CHEM 183 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Amanda Feilding, Sigmund Freud, Biology Of Depression

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CHEM 183 Full Course Notes
CHEM 183 Full Course Notes
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Brain chemistry: 1 of every 4 people are affected (25%, there"s a stigma associated with it, you don"t just get over it, there"s a physiological basis to it. It"s multiple varieties of this condition: chemical imbalance in the nervous system, common conditions, schizophrenia, depression, mania (happy) History of mental illness: proclaimed causes, historically there were theories, anxiety, ocd, bipolar (manic depress) The fool"s stone had some kind of physical blockage in the brain and would scrape and dig it out. Lunatic comes from luna (latin = moon); believed that lunatics were affected by moon: old treatments, trepanation: drilling a hole in the skull. Believed there were possessed by evil spirit thus they dig a hole to let demons out; some actually survived it. Peter halvorson: trepanation hole in the head advocate, believe the notion of mental clarity, runs an international trepanation advocacy group (itag) Witches were believed to be possessed by evil spirits; often thought they were witches: barbaric treatments.