CHEM 183 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Cytochrome C Oxidase Subunit Ii, Listerine, Poison Dart Frog

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Congenital analgesia- small # of people don"t experience pain (sometimes people with. Alzheimer"s or dementia don"t feel temperature but they feel touch) Acute pain- from disease, inflammation or injury- goes away- confined by time. 1/5 ppl suffer from chronic pain and persons> 65 years old. Spinal cord rewires itself when there is pain and pain can becom permanent. Trepanation- release demons causing pain in head (drilling hole in skull- very few people survived this) Orthopedic surgeons for many years were males- now 5-10% are female (needed to be strong enough to saw through bones) Anesthetics were needed- badly- raymund lullius spain 1275- possibly used h2so4- perhaps first anesthetic: ether (sweet vitriol) and velerius cordus germany 1540s- possibly used h2so5 too. Ether- volatile boils above room temp- anesthetic used in middle ages. Joseph priestly- 1772- nitrous oxide- n2o + 2h20 (laughing gas)- can be used as an explosive- (started with nh4no3)- strong physiological effect- fun to use for parties found by.