CHEM 183 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Demonic Possession, Bipolar Disorder, Craniotomy

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Mental illness- lecture 6 in chemistry of drugs 183 depression, anxiety, manic depressive disorders, ocd. 1/4 people suffer from a mental illness stigma associated with mental illness- person who is af icted is responsible for that and can. Schizophrenia, depression, mania, anxiety, ocd (major mental illness conditions) 1st question that comes to mind: what causes mental illness? in ancient times it was believed that someone was affected by demons that had to be driven out. John lennon at one point considered putting a hole in his head-paul mccartney recalls it today there are still people (like peter halvorson) hole in the head advocate - international trepanation advocacy group - Sigmund freud- did not partake, rst one to propose there were medical reasons - but he thought it was a struggle between conscious and subconscious mind but this is not correct either- there are biochemical reasons.