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Agricultural Economics
AGEC 231
Mark Brawley

Orbital MechanicsThe Dynamics of Planetary and Spacecraft MotionProf Andrew HigginsDepartment of Mechanical EngineeringMcGill University1Circular Orbitsacecraft in orbits with Circular orbits apply to sphconstant altitude above planets and are also good Rapproximations to planets orbiting the SunSince the mMspacecraft or planet is traveling in a circle at constant speed they feel a centrifugal force outward of vprimary 2mvearth F This centrifugal force is balanced by satellitecentrifugalsun etcRspacecraft moon etcGMmgravity pulling the body inwardFwhere Mgravity2Rass of the satellite or is the mass of the primary the body being orbited m is the m1132spacecraft and G is the universal constant of gravitation G667 x 10 mkg s Equating these two forces which must balance if the satellite is to continue in a circular path we obtain the velocity for a circular orbitMGVEq 1circularRTwo examples are low Earth orbit orbit of Space Shuttle or Space Station with an altitude of 200 km3m2411597410kg 667102MGkg searth7780 msVLEO33hRearthsatellite20010m637810and the orbit of the Earth about the Sun1
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