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Systems Overview

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AGRI 215
Caroline Begg Roger Cue

Agro-Ecosystems: Agricultural Systems - Food/Fiber/Energy - Energy: biomass, corn for ethanol (40% of all corn) - In brazil Sugar Cane is used for Ethanol - Sugar cane is more efficient than Corn EFFICIENCY: energy going in vs energy produced How much energy is going in for the product and for the price of the product? Energy needed for crop production - is absorbed by fertilizer esp. N - Fuel, field and transport to market, processing/drying, - heating barns, for paltry or swine (do not heat for dairy, goats etc) - pesticides/herbacides/insecticides Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) - sometimes called Community Shared Agriculture - purchase a basket and guaranteed a basket for a period of time (28 weeks) - when you buy a share you are buying into the risk of the farm - farmers get the money upfront. - small scale (1 to 10 hectares probably around 2-5) - large diversity of crop vegetable species - subject to customer demand direct to producer - security - weather effects production - organic (most) meaning no pesticides, so diversity is used to control pests and disease problems Field Crop/ Cash Crop Farm - large scale production of "low value crops" - ex corn wheats, soya, oats etc - size of the farms can be huge, 16thousand hectars for one farm - diversity of crops is low, - specialization for efficiency, labour, machinery, cost reduction Large Scale Horticulture - High value crops - Farm size, smaller than field crops but 100 to 800 ha - crop diversity tends to be is low
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