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Field Management

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McGill University
AGRI 215
Caroline Begg Roger Cue

Crop Rotation - Why do a crop rotation PROS: - prevent desiese - add nitrogen - helps control insects and weeds - brings nutrients to to top when using deep roots, shallow roots aerate the soil CONS - timing is different for diff crops, different seed bed, different harvesting equipment - have to find a market - have to know when something is read, how to plant the different crops, their different requirements etc. - keep informing the labour Has to fit within the needs of the farm Examples: ONLINE NOTES Organic: - potatoes to onions to brassica to beans (4 years) Dry-Land Field Crops: chick peas and lentils are grown in canada (most those we eat) - only receiving 5 ml of precipitation Potatoe - interspersing small grain between potatoe, in PEI being pushed - but HUGE different in profit, - maybe if your in a dairy area, but otherwise no Hay is maintained for 3 years (seeded once) then annuals are planted in rotation - called Hay 1, Ha2, Hay3, there is change over time, 2 and 3 may not have the same nutrients etc look up black fowl Fertilizer: N-P-K - N is always elemental - P205 is
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