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AGRI 215
Caroline Begg Roger Cue

Les Senes Lacroix OWNERS: FAMILY - Pierre Paul lives Rigaud - Lydie Blanchard (wife) - comes and works on a dairy farm (her dairy farm is expanding). Market Trends, Customer demand, - must have something new/ more every year - resturants, Jean Talon Market - like "fashion" - seeds were out of fashion - great deal of fashion in vegetable - always new, not up to the farmer - OLD STYLE FARMER vs. NEW STYLE FARMER - father vs. himself - conservative, resistant to change (old farmer) - wasn't a market for red tomatoes but father missed them so they were growing them - father has most of the control in terms of management - Pierre- Paul returned full time (after schooling) 10 years ago - real tension between pierre paul and father RISK Greenhouse, is a business or a farm - both Risk is necessary for business/farm to grow Pierre is attached to the farm, he could leave and start elsewhere, a potentially better business move FLOWER VS. VEGETABLE - clients, direct selling - custom sales - wholesale is to difficult - aubergine, pre sold and the seeds were supplied from buyer (custom growing of very specific crop) - custom growing may be a new trend Enviromental Regulations are inevitable (he fells) - ground water from the city because his well was too salty either from highway or his greenhouse - neighbour was ok, because he had a deeper well - environmental regulations can make added costs for farmers Land base was limited
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