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Ruban Bleu

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AGRI 215
Caroline Begg Roger Cue

RUBANBLEU Lack of Money - didn't seem to affect his operation Zoning Laws (if he was a few meters over, he could have 3000 goats - can not expand, but he is buying goat milk to full fill the cheese making needs (factory) - technicality, depending on how he wants to market his cheese - not all from his Value added products, Liter = $1, Transformed $3 - small farms need to do this - large farms are economies of sale and can sell just the commodity Exceptions: Quota commodities (milk, poultry, egg) - milk still have relatively small number of cows and can sell just the milk Would quota be good for him - he went into goats because there was no quota - HE IS NOT IN SUPPORT OF QUOTA - quota gives you a guaranteed income - stabilizes income for producer, but processors don't like it because they have to pay the set price (as opposed to bidding contracts which give producers the cheapest milk) - processing stabilizes the income for him Lack of Information on goat production and cheese making Valacta (name suggests Value Lactus) - goats on milk recording - test analize and record milk of animals, and if buy into it you can get info back- people use for heard improvement BUT Advice about nutrition is less - there is one person for all of quebec Malpaca is trying to improve this for Valacta - but they need people for advise Laws regarding Raw Milk - laws have changed, 3 days - sell Direct Sales - so he has difficulty with access - current work on bridge is inhibiting some sales - highway 30 may help - getting a sign, to get this he had to have ag. aweness, and info on the farm he must be educating (in Quebec maybe not in Ontario) Buy
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