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Famly Farms vs. Industrial Farms

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AGRI 215
Caroline Begg Roger Cue

Discussion for Oct 24th: Family Farms vs Industrial Farms - both farms were family farms, in that they were run by families but they are substantially different. - In canada farm sizes were increasing, however there are less and less farms - Dairy Farms 60 farms is average in Quebec now, but before is was 20 or 30 cows - doubled in size - Why? - easier to have more cows? - costs are present - machinery/technology - some are made for large scale - long term trend in food prices is tending to go downwards - so in order to make a living farmers need to have more production as opposed to the past - to stay in business and make reasonable living must get larger - is it negative cycle, bigger farms lower prices, lower prices lead to bigger farms (chicken and egg argument) - technology allows for more production and therefore farmers can accept lower pricers kevin Wilsons Farm (check name) - is
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