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Consumer Trends and Impacts

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McGill University
AGRI 215
Caroline Begg Roger Cue

MONDAY October 31st Discussion: Consumer Trends and the Impact on producers Hues Farm - Changes in production - switched from heavy to light lambs (produces both) - 100 to 80lb - Milk lambs (under 5 weeks) never fed solid food (never used to want to produce these - because didn't feel he was getting enough money for them and he was opposed to the idea) - switched because of grain prices - complete mean lamb to 1/2 meant and 1/2 milk - places him good in the market - why did he switch to milk - because there is now a demand! - consumer trend/ responding to the market - demand has to be significant because he build the rotary milker (30,000) wouldn't have spent the $ if he didn't think it was worth it. - he had an old system which was working (like Ruban Bleu's) - now he has more milk then he had before Schdual- lambing twice a year (January/April and in Sept - for about a month) - sheep are seasonally anestrous - can't breed all the time - daylight length (they are light sensitive, which is why they can't lamb anytime) - uses a sponge to bring them into esterous - put sponge with hormons in it into uterous so that they can be bred - uses rams to bread - 1 ram per 30 or 40 yews, so depends when they get bred - Yews can produce for up to 11 years???? 13??? - he has 6 breads he is crossing (with diff traits, some are prolific, some are good mothers, etc) - per lb your get more $ for culled sheep, then for a dairy cow - used to be the other way around - can't freeze cows milk but can with sheep Trends: - organic (new?) more mainstream - Free range, grass few - increasing demand - Halal - increasing because there is more demand (higher percentage of muslims in canada or more so increases in purchasing power) - not a method of raising, but a method of slaughtering (certain restrictions on feed) - Animal welfare, certification systems - a
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