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Lecture 12

ANAT 214 Lecture 12: ANAT214_Lecture_12

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Anatomy & Cell Biology
ANAT 214
Louis Hermo

Midterm questions Superior vena cava breaks into A, B and C o Because D is from the aorta and is the brachiocephalic artery, we know that B has to the be the right brachiocephalic vein and C is the left brachiocephalic vein o A is the azygous, coming from the back Everything in the next sections is very closely related to the labs Abdomino-pelvic cavity and wall The abdomino-pelvic cavity is a continuous cavity that holds the gut and uro-genital organs We need to know the 3D visualization of the abdomen Abdominal wall o Is a soft muscular structure o Lower abdominal wall is the inguinal region (groin region) In the picture below Green is the thoracic cavity Diaphragm separates the thoracic and the abdominal cavity Pink is the abdominal cavity o Also known as peritoneal cavity Blue is the pelvic cavity o Below the pelvic ileum (hip bone) The red is the perineum o The perineum has the external genitalia and the anorectal regions o There is a pelvic diaphragm above it separating the pelvic cavity from the perineum The gut goes through the pelvic diaphragm as well as other uro-genital organs Learning Module The coelomic cavity of the abdomen and the pelvis is the peritoneal cavity The lining of the organs and the peripheral wall is mesothelium, that releases a serous fluid to allow for sliding o Which may result in excess secretion and adhesions due to inflammation Iliac crest is the hip bones Bony marks Costo-margin Lumbar vertebrae and the transverse processes Ileum bone o At the tip of the iliac crest, there is a thickening of the bone which is called the tubercle, and right in front is the iliac spine Pubic bone o Big tubercle (point like structure of a bone) o The pubic tubercle can be felt on a thin person Anterior iliac crest and the superior iliac spine can be felt on a thin patient Note that everything between these marks is the soft anterolateral wall of the interior of the abdomen The abdominal cavity is split into different regions A horizontal line is drawn between the two tubercles A horizontal line is drawn tangent to the costo-margin Draw vertical lines following the midclavicular lines
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