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Anatomy & Cell Biology
ANAT 214
Louis Hermo

Announcements Lecture 2326 for problem set 8Lecture 37 is question and answer session Topics Discovery of transposable elementsEukaryotic transposable elements insertion vs Prokaryotic tranpsoable elementsGenetics and the detection of the eunexpected corn Barbara mcClintock discover theres chromosome breakage She did cytochron geneticsShe discovered that theres a locus where you get chromosome breakage and called it dissociator Rare unstable allelesAffect tonly a single gene distal to usual breakage pointSuggested that Ds dissociator is mobile but only in the presence of AcThey couldnt map Ac so it seemed to be mobile drosophilaCcrosses of wild isolate males and lab strain females F1 progeny are sterileUnstable mutation of white from dysgenic cross remicentEnlarged mutant allele in E coliUnstable lac and gal Found to contain extra DNAThey take lamda phage which can take up host genome a good vector containing wild type gel and do that w unstable allele they found that they have two populationso f DNA size For gelthey find low density DNAless DNAGel had higher densitymore DNASo mutation in gel is caused by insertion of extra DNA Bacterial insertion sequences Hybridization experiment for gal insertion mutants found that same sequence over and over againIn other parts of the bacterial chromosome tooStructureEncodes transpoase protein which performs transposition Terminal inverted repeats required for transposition Target site duplication created during insertion insert pic of theBacterial transposonsComposite ex Tn9 Bacterial genes flanked by 2 insertion sequences Cannot or can move by itself Dependening on transposn Both Is could move on ownOR one IS may be disabled and transposon depends on the intact IS Transposable element vs transposon
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