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Anatomy & Cell Biology
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ANAT 261
Craig Mandato

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06/09/12 2- Organization - Histological Methods (Sept. 6) What is Dynamic Histology? Medical Histology- identifying tissues and cells Dynamic Histology- is an extension where we not only identify the tissues, but we examine functions of the cells and molecules that make up the tissue The language of histology! Systemic human anatomy- macroscopic level- eyes only Dynamic histology- microscopic level- sections and scopes Structure Type of Structure Type of Basic Tissue Skin Organ Epithelial and Connective Fascia Tissue Connective Tissue (CT) Tendons Tissue Connective Tissue (CT) Aponeurosis Tissue Connective Tissue (CT) Muscle Organ/Tissue Muscular Tissue Bone Organ/Tissue Variety of CT Blood Vessels Organ/Tissue Epithelial, CT, Muscular Nerves Tissue/Organ/System Nervous Tissue 3D interpretation/ Plane of Section 3D structur
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