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Lecture 14

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Anatomy & Cell Biology
ANAT 261
Craig Mandato

Lecture 14- Digestive System (Esophagus and Stomach) • Digestive System -Oral Cavity to exit point Slide 1 - Digestive System Mouth is connected to essophagus • The esophagus connected to stomach • Stomach - acidify food and breaks it down, (bag) • Small Intestine- All the nutrients get absorbed by specific cells amino acids, fats, carbohydrates • Large Intestine- pull out the water • Rectum- where you get a rid of everything Slide 2 - General Plan Mucosa - Epithelium - 1st layer, all epithelial cell rests on BM - Lamina Propria- below epithelium, loose/dense CT -Muscularis Mucosae- well developed in the esophagus, allows to swallow and push food down Submucosa- loose (more cells, alot of fibrocytes (what does that mean?) ) or dense (more fibers) CT, underneath the mucosa, from the esophagus to rectum Muscalaris- 2 sublayers (3 in the stomach longitudinal, circular, oblique) - internal (circular) around the tube -external (longitudinal) running length wise in tube CHEK IMAGES -Muscles around the esophagus, in your small intestine, inside your stomach, through large intestine, and to rectum -you have to determine the plane of section for esophagus, based on what the smooth muscle looks like -if smooth muscle is longitudinal, based on nucleus appearance... -if the nucleus is in middle.... Serosa (or Adventitia)- outside the muscularis, esophagus is aventitia, when you get to stomach and small intestine its serosa, it gets continuous with the vercinal peritinum Slide 3- Esophagus Diagram Lumen - Wavy, continous with the oral cavity, skin or epithelial makes the oral cavity and oral cavity goes into esophagus Epithelium of esophagus - non keratininized squamous stratified epithelium, b/c continuous with the oral cavity, non keratinized because it is inside the body (keratinized on outside, keratohyalin granules, tricohyalan granules are found in the hair follicle (for small intestine- non keratinized, its a single layer of cells) Lamina Propria- loose irregular CT, there is vacularization, underneath BM Muscularis Mucosae- Seperates the mucosa from the sub mucosa, in the esophagus its well defined, its longitudinal, in your
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